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Downrigger Depth & Temp Sensors/Systems

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*NEW MODE* Fish Hawk TD Temp & Water Pressure Sensor
*NEW DEPTH MODE* The new Fish Hawk TD (US Patent Pending) gives all anglers critical water temp and depth information essential for more consistent catches. Thanks to highly accurate temperature and water pressure sensors, the Fish Hawk TD prov...
Depth Raider Replacement Probe
Replacement probe for Depth Raider System Sensor/Transmitter Probe Specifications Power Source 9V Alkaline Battery Battery Life Greater than 225 hours of underwater operation, typical Battery Access Screw-on cap ...
Fish Hawk Replacement Power Cord
The Fish Hawk X4, X4D and 840 Themo Troll use this power cord.
Fish Hawk Replacement Transducer Bracket
For use with Airmar brand transducers used with Fish Hawk 840s. This impact release bracket mounts the transducer on the transom, the breakaway design protects your valuable transducer if you hit an object in the water. PLEASE NOTE: This bracke...
Fish Hawk Safety Break-Away Lead
The breakaway lead is designed to go between your cannon ball and your Fish Hawk Probe. Most rigger cables are 150lb, this lead pulls apart approximately 70lb – meaning that if you snag on the bottom (oops!) the lead will break and you will get y...
Fish Hawk X4 Downrigger Speed/Temp Sensor System
New Fish Hawk X4 System. displays surface speed and temp downrigger speed and temp. Includes probe, large digit LCD display and transducer. All new Fish Hawk X4 System displays surface speed and water temperature and downrigger speed and temper...
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Fish Hawk X4 Probe Case
We recommend removing your X4 Probe from the downrigger cable when not it use. Protect your Fish Hawk X4 Probe with this closed-cell, zippered case.
Fish Hawk X4/X4D LCD Replacement Display (Choose Model)
Magnum Digit Display lets old eyes see the display from anywhere in the boat. Intuitive design with surface info on the top and probe info on the bottom. Menu driven controls for gain and calibration settings. Cool blue nightglow lighting doesn’t b...
Fish Hawk X4/X4D Replacement Probe (Choose Model)
X4/X4D Probe Compatible with X4 & X4D Features & Benefits Radically re-engineered Fish Hawk Trolling Probe, featuring InvisiTroll Technology. Provides speed and water temperature at the depth of the downrigger ball. Includes downrigger ball ...
Fish Hawk X4/X4D Upgrade Kit (Choose Model)
Upgrade your Fish Hawk 840 or X4 to a X4D or your Fish Hawk 840 to a X4. Includes screen, power cable and probe.
Moor 200' Replacement Coated Cable
Can be used with both Moor & Depth Raider Systems
Moor Klincher Kit for Coated Cable
Connect the cable to the probe fast & easy without tape.

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Moor Subtroll 900 Downrigger Depth & Temp System
Controlling Speed & Temperature at the Lure All models include Surface Mounting Pod or may be Flush Panel Mounted. For a long time it's been known that lure speed control plays a very important part in downrigger fishing. That's why all fi...
Moor Subtroll 900 Replacement Probe *TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK*

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