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Strikesaver Downrigger Release, Red - Port Side

Strikesaver Downrigger Release, Red - Port Side


Price: $24.99

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Product Description

How it Works Exactly....

  • When a fish strikes… it pulls the line out of the release and is held in the unique lag line holder/hook, with lag or loose line eliminated from the rod tip to the fish. The Strike Saver swivel plate system, with the fish in play, immediately glides up to the surface without limiting your ability to play the fish on a continuous tight line. The fish can pull out line, you can work your drag and reel line as your new release/line holder does its job. As Strike Saver arrives near the surface, you simply slide the line out of the lag line holder to the port or starboard, and continue to play the fish. You’ve been controlling the fish on a tight line from initial fish strike all the way to the net.
  • Then… when you’re ready to reset, Strike Saver is gliding along the surface on the cable waiting for you to grasp with your hand or a boat hook, reset and send down to fish at your desired depth and lure distance behind the boat without ever raising the cannon ball.
  • Use with all types of line Strike Saver can be used with monofilament, braided, wire or whatever line type you decide.
  • Use with different lures and sizes the adjustable Dubros line release mechanism used by Strike Saver has an adjustable tension screw, which you set based on the size and weight of the lure or setup. Spoons, stick baits, flashers, dodgers, flies, cow bells, spin and go’s and other favorite lure setups can be used with the Strike Saver system.