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Nils Master Power Ice Auger 25cc Engine

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• Nils Master Ice Augers
Nils Master USA Power Ice Auger

NILSUSA has taken the finest power head available on the market today and merged it with undoubtably the finest auger blade ever designed "to form a more perfect union". This auger system combines a very quick, powerful, very reliable engine and an auger with a blade head made of chromium stainless steel. This blade has no bolts to interfere with the cutting head, is very resistant to rusting and is almost self sharpening. This revolutionary drill is also dual purpose, if the need arises that a manual drill is needed, the NILSUSA auger quickly converts into a hand auger. In the case of thinner ice or a silent presenation is preferred, just release the power head from the auger, attach the hand crank and in a matter of seconds you have a hand auger!This blade head and design is the most widely used in Europe and is used by most of their national ice teams.

(NMP450) 4.5" Power Auger
(NMP600) 6" Power Auger
(NMP800) 8" Power Auger

Displacement:1.65 cubic inches
Max Power:1.35 HP
Max Torque: 1.0 Ft. lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 22.7 Fl. oz
Gear Case: Locking
Weight:13.7 lbs.
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