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ShowDown 5.6 Digital Fish Finder


Price: $369.99

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Product Description

SHOWDOWN 5.6 Digital Fish Finder

Higher Resolution LCD - See Fish and Bottom structure more clearly, 12V 9 Amp Battery Included - Fish even longer between charges, Custom Neoprene Soft Pack - This waterproof case will keep the system dry when stored, 20 Degree Transducer with 6' Cord - Scan larger segments of the water column without sacrificing performance

  • Infinitely Adjustable - Digital Zoom - Focus in on any segment of the water column in 1-foot increments.
  • Improved Interference (Noise) Rejection - 10 levels of adjustability
  • Surface Clutter Elimination Filter
  • 1/2 inch Target Separation in the 20’, 40’, and 60’ranges.
  • 1000-watts true RMS power / 8000 Watts Peak to Peak
  • Daylight Viewable - Cool white backlit display
  • Auto Bottom Lock Zoom - The Bottom 25% of the water column is magnified in any depth range for maximum fish detection, jig detection and target separation.
  • On-Screen Digital Depth
  • Digital Auto-Range control – 20’, 40’, 60’, 80’, 120', 240’ - Unit automatically adjusts depth ranges when "hole hopping"
  • Sensitivity - 25 levels of adjustability.
  • Multi-level high-contrast grayscale display - See fish as they approach your bait by watching the Gray bands turn to Black
  • ICE-MODE activates Internal Heater to always keep LCD display "fresh"
  • Runs 24 hours continuous on a single battery charge
  • 12V automatic battery charger - included
  • One year warranty