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Frabill 14221 110 Volt Aqua-Life Aerator

Item #: FRABILL-14221
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Aqua-Life® Products run so quietly youll forget youre aerating your bait. Youll know you are by the healthy condition of your bait. Aqua-Life® products feature a whisper quiet motor that runs efficiently at a low volume. Aqua-Life® products also utilize a special micro-bubble oxygen diffuser that produces clouds of tiny bubbles. Smaller more numerous bubbles mix readily as they collide and dispense through the entire water column. In bait containers smaller bubbles are important as they are less prone to damage delicate baitfish. Each Aqua-Life® product includes the diffuser and a 30 inch non-kink air hose. (Hoses and stones also sold separately as an accessory.)


  • Whisper quiet operation runs ultra quiet
  • UL Approved
  • Aerates live bait for days between fishing trips
  • Effectively aerates up to 10 gallons
  • Power Efficient - draws only three watts
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