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Aqua-Vu Mini DVR

Call for availability now thru October
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• Aqua Vu Underwater Cameras
Our MINI DVR records all the action your Aqua-Vu underwater camera captures. Simply plug the DVR into the Aqua-Vu monitor and press the record button! Watch that lunker hit again and again. Fast forward to the action, and rewind to re-live the experience. Or press the pause button at the crucial moment to take a closer look. Want ONLY action shots? Simply set the unit to Motion Detect to begin shooting the video (or still shots) at the moment your fish moves in to take the bait. The MINI DVR comes with all of these features and many more – and all in the palm of your hand!

Note: you supply your own SD card, Is NOT compatible with the AV Micro.

  • Motion Detect Feature
  • For use with any underwater camera system with video out
  • Full viewing and playback controls
  • For CCTV System
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