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Fish Hawk X4D w/Bluetooth *Available Early November*

Fish Hawk X4D w/Bluetooth *Available Early November*


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Product Description

The new X4D Trolling System from Fish Hawk Electronics features
a speed and temp probe that tells the angler exactly how deep it is.

Its predecessor, the X4 Speed and Temp Probe (which remains in
production) has set the bar for reliable speed and temperature information for
trollers. Attached to a downrigger ball, the probe transmits the precise
temperature and speed-at-the-ball to a transducer on the boat, which in turn
relays that information to the X4’s Magnum Digit LCD Display, the easiest to
read in the business. Unlike other companies’ speed-and-temp units, the Fish
Hawks need no special downrigger cable.

The new X4D uses the same transducer, but now also relays
exactly how deep it is to its display.