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SuperNatural Big Bait Headlock Bait

SuperNatural Big Bait Headlock Bait


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Product Description

Supernatural Big Baits are famous for their unique wandering action. They are effective whether you are casting or trolling, but they really shine with their trolling ability. Hand made out of wood in the USA, Supernatural Big Baits have a custom designed metal lip with 3 different depth setting for increased durability and versatility.
HeadLocks will run at 2.5mph, they are really made for speed. Once you crank it up into the 4.5mph to 6+mph range, they violently come to life. At slower speeds they will have a tighter ‘wiggle’ with very little ‘wander’, but at higher speeds the ‘wander’ action is dominant.

10: 10" body, 11" overall, weight 6.5 oz
12: 12"body, 13" overall, weight 7.5 oz