B&B Bait Boxes

B&B Bait Boxes


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B&B Bait Boxes

The B&B Bait Boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect for any type of tackle, no matter how much you have! Also, the compartments prevents tangling.


  • All B & B Tangle Free Bait Boxes are designed to eliminate tangled hooks and to protect lures and hooks from being damaged.
  • The lure storage cases are durable. The outer case is a tightly woven water and hook resistant material with padding, with a heavy duty dual zipper closure. For convenience in carrying there are also black nylon web straps.
  • There are no hinges on the covers, so the cover will never wear out or break off.
  • The inside grid is clear, durable, rigid, and yet also flexible plastic. Baits is hung by rear hook allows for easy access and color selection of baits.
  • Boxes will float if they end up in the water.

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