Fulton F2 Series Trailer Winches 2000LBS

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Fulton F2 Series Trailer Winches 2000LBS


Fulton F2 Series Trailer Winches 2000LBS

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Fulton F2 Series Trailer Winches 2000LBS

With more than 100 years of impeccable performance, the Fulton line of trailer jacks, winches, and couplers has become the industry standard for light and medium-duty trailering. Founded in 1911, Fulton has expanded its offerings and, when combined with a CPP hitch, can outfit your weekend at the lake. The Fulton F2 Series Trailer Winches 2000LBS continues the industry-changing improvements in both performance and style of the Fulton F2 Series of Products.

Stylish Design
The introduction of the F2 Winch addresses the need for attractive design in every element of a marine trailer. This winch will complement the look of even high end boat as well as trailer combinations. It’s clean, high-tech look is sleek and also powerful.

Maintenance Free
Designed to eliminate the need for lubrication or maintenance, the F2 Winch’s components are precision fit to eliminate the need for tightening or replacement. Corrosion-resistant coatings cover internal and external components so they will hold up in salt water and other harsh environments

Rigorously Tested
Misuse and abuse are common to all products used in the great outdoors. Our design team tested every aspect of the F2 Winch’s Performance and exposed it to the harshest working environments we could think of. Additionally, the superior materials and coatings held up every time, allowing us to offer an unprecedented limited lifetime warranty

Ergonomic Design
Featuring a “soft touch,” adjustable-length handle and ergonomic function, we’ve worked hard to ensure that every moving part will operate smoothly and with the least amount of effort

Strong. Durable Construction
The F2 Winch has been tested far beyond its rated capacity for superior performance

Handle adjusts from 6″ – 9,” balances torque, speed, and clearance. Switches from left to right handed drive configuration with ease.


  • Fulton FW20000101 F2 Single Speed Winch 2000#
  • 5.1:1 , 3.17:1 gear ratio . 4 handle position.
  • handle length 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″
  • strap 20’x 2″ w/hook

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