Megabass Valkyrie Casting Rod

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Megabass Valkyrie Casting Rod


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Megabass Valkyrie Casting Rod

The Megabass Valkyrie Casting Rod is designed specifically for Lake Biwa style fishing.  All of the Valkyrie rods are a Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber composite, which allows the rods to be more parabolic than traditional graphite, allowing anglers a much higher hook up and land ratio. Kin to the Destroyer Series, the Valkyrie series is a great choice for heavy lines and power fishing.  Each rod has an adjustable butt section, allowing the angler to shorten the handle length for tighter roll casting or lengthen the handle to 2 handed casts in open water.

One of the biggest features in the Valkyrie Series is the MAHS (Megabass Adjustable Handling System). Like the name implies, it allows anglers to adjust the length of the rear grip on the fly. Simply rotate to unlock the handle and adjust the length and rotate back to lock it in the desired configuration. For example if you are looking to cover a lot of water quickly and launch searching baits the extra handle will provide additional length for long casting. For applications like pitching or punching the additional handle length will provide additional leverage. On the other hand, if you are looking at making short and accurate casts, or skipping baits, a shorter handle and more balanced outfit can potentially improve handling and casting accuracy.

 Megabass Valkyrie Models:

  • VKC71MH: Lipless/Vibration, Crankbait, Spinnerbait – 7’1″ Med-heavy, med-fast taper, 12-15lb, 3/8-1oz
  • VKC71H: Alabama Rig, Frog ** Spiral wrapped guides** – 7’1″ Heavy, med-fast taper, 12-30lb, 3/8-2oz
  • VKC72H: Rubber Jig, Texas Rig – 7’2″ Heavy, fast taper, 12-20lb, 3/8-2oz

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