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O’Brien All-Star Trainer Waterskis


O’Brien All Star Trainers (2211140)



O’Brien All-Star Trainer Waterskis

Teach Kids the Easy Way

The O’Brien All-Star Trainer Waterskis are the ultimate training tool for teaching kids to ski! Featuring a dual tunnel design for a smooth ride, a stabilizer bar that prevents the skis from splitting apart, and the trainer rope and handle, the All-Stars have everything you need to simplify the learning process and turn your kids into waterskiers!


  • Length – 46″
  • Jr. Adjustable Bindings – Pinch-slide design for easy entry
  • Dual Tunnel Design – V-Entry at the ski tips slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride
  • Dual Molded-In Fins – Enhances control on the water
  • Trainer Rope and Handle
  • Stabilizer Bar
  • For Skiers Up to 85 lbs

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