Outkast Chicken Jig *Available Spring 2022

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Outkast Chicken Jig *Available Spring 2022


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Outkast Chicken Jig

The Outkast Chicken Jig is a unique form of the very popular “preacher jig” style but with a couple of twists!  We have a synthetic fiber that is the base of the hair jig that gives the jig bulk. It also gives it a tantalizingly slow fall rate.  This feature allows you to do two things that make this jig so special.  One, you  can launch this jig a mile giving you the ability to cover a ton of water.  Secondly, its fall rate allows you to fish is slowly in “the juice” and keep the bait moving at a very slow pace.  We paired this body with a stout 5/0 VMC heavy wire hook and the renowned “Goldeneye” style head.  However, the line tie on this model is at 30 degrees, keeping this bait level and running true for its bottom crawling action.  The video below is a MUST SEE for this jig!

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