Rapala Slab Rap


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Rapala Slab Rap

The Rapala Slab Rap creates different movements with rod action. Weight-forward design enables a rocking action and also has VMC black-nickel hooks.

This minnow-imitating lure puts you in command of several changes in movement using simple rod motions. Quick snaps of the rod make this lure search in wide erratic directions, circling back to center after pause. A lift-drop motion creates subtle vibrations on the rise, followed by evasive side-to-side motion on the fall. Weight-forward design enables a rocking action to trigger indecisive fish. VMC black-nickel hooks. Per each.


  • SLR04= 1-1/2″, 1/8oz
  • SLR05= 2″, 1/4oz
  • SLR06= 2-1/2″, 3/8 oz

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