Scotty Propack 60 Electric Downrigger

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Scotty Propack 60 Electric Downrigger


ProPack, 60″ Telescopic Boom, w/ Swivel Base, Dual Rod Holders, 2 Line Releases, & Weight Hook

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Scotty Propack 60 Electric Downrigger

The Scotty Propack 60 Electric Downrigger is the top choice of charter captains. Additionally, equipped with 250 ft. of 150 lb. test stainless steel cable. 36″-60″ long, 1¼” diameter telescopic boom with dual rod holders. Also includes, Downrigger weight storage hook and sure-stop tackle. Fully adjustable decent speed, lifts 7 lb. weights at 235 ft./min. and 15 lb. weights at 203 ft./min. Spray protected positive-drive depth counter and Kevlar drive belt by Optibelt™ The lowest amperage draw of any downrigger made with less than 1/3 the battery draw than some of the competition.


  • Downrigger Boom Length: 36″-60″ telescoping stainless steel boom
  • Downrigger Boom Diameter: 1 1/4″
  • Rod Holder Interior Diameter:  2 1/8″

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