Traxstech Top Plate Mount (ECMP-4)

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Traxstech Top Plate Mount (ECMP-4)


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Traxstech Top Plate Mount

This is an optional 3” x 4” sub plate (ECMP-4) that you use to mount first to your boat deck and then this standard plate will mount to the bottom of your Traxstech electronic mount and allow easy removal by the four corner screws.

Comes with 4 screws to attach your electronics mount to it.

Proudly made in the USA!

Has our signature textured finish:

  • Adds durability to the aluminum components, hardens your wear surface, no bright reflection, easy to clean.
  • Every aluminum part is anodized after our texturing process to provide the highest quality available.
  • Salt spray tested and proven.
  • Clear / Silver

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