Venom Floats Kits


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Venom Floats Kits

The Venom Floats Kits is available in 3 Colors: Daytime, Pink, & Glow.

    • Quick buoyancy adjustments
    • Pin-on weight eliminates the need for a sinker with small jigs
    • Slip-bobber-style line attachment

Adjusting buoyancy with the Venom Ice Floats couldn’t be easier – just push the foam in for small jigs and pull it out for larger jigs. No need for cutting and no waste. A few venom floats can replace a tackle box of other style bobbers. The foam can be set even with the surface of the water to prevent fish from feeling any extra resistance during the strike and spitting the hook. Use the pin-on weight to eliminate the need for a sinker to reach neutral buoyancy when fishing small jigs. Slip-bobber-style line attachment for quick changes.

Sizes: B Size- For small to medium sized jigs. Recommended for Pan Fish and small Walleye Baits., C Size- For Larger jigs. Recommended for Walleye and Northern Pike.

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