VMC Pug Bug Jig


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VMC Pug Bug Jig

The VMC Pug Bug Jig resemble small natural insects and aquatic creatures that hatch from the depths and fish love to snack on. The VMC Power Gap hook delivers a wide round gap to significantly increase your hook rate, while the flatter, wider jighead enhances the sonar echo return so you can target the desired depth with ease. Precision balance is amplified by a 90-degree hook eye, ensuring the optimal horizontal position for a perfect strike angle! Draw in some major attention with the VMC Pug Bug Jigs!


  • Resembles natural small insects and aquatic creatures
  • Ultra Glow pigments stay charged for up to 15 minutes per charge
  • VMC Power Gap hook
  • Flat, wide profile enhances sonar echo return
  • 90 degree hook eye
  • Qty. per pack: 2


  • PBJ132: 1/32 oz, Hook Size 10
  • PBJ116: 1/16 oz, Hook Size 8

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