Acme Google Eye Hyper RIP

Acme Google Eye Hyper RIP


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Acme Google Eye Hyper RIP

The Acme Google Eye Hyper RIP has a strong vibrating action when you rip it up!  Unique rocking action when you pound your rod tip. Google Eye Hyper R.I.P. rocks back and forth like no other bait. Vertical hole runs thru entire bait allowing water to flow thru… this gives it a very unique wiggle on the fall.  Japanese black nickel hooks.

A brand new kind of ice jigging bait, the Google Eye Hyper R.I.P. is highly unique in both appearance and fishability. Engineered with 3 interconnected body water tunnels, water travels through the bait and gives it an incredibly erratic action that is irresistible to any gamefish. Also equipped with a glass rattle eye for added noise. See it in action here.


  • 30RP: 1-1/2″, 1/8 oz, #12 treble hook
  • 40RP: 2″, 1/4 oz, #10 treble hook

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