*Available to Pre-Order* Acme Hyper Hammer T.T.

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*Available to Pre-Order* Acme Hyper Hammer T.T.


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Acme Hyper Hammer T.T.

The Acme Hyper Hammer T.T.is a brand new style of jigging minnow packed with unprecedented features. Rattling google eye glass chamber and through body brass hammer provides ultra sonic vibrations and noise when ripping.  Soft Silicone tail is 360° tunable and will not rip, tear or shatter when fishing hard bottoms or taking aggressive strikes.

sold individually


  • 30HH: 1″, 1/8oz, #12 treble hook, #1 tail hook
  • 40HH: 1-5/8″, 1/4oz, #2 treble hook, #1/0 tail hook
  • 50HH: 2″, 1/2oz, #6 treble hook, #2/0 tail hook
  • 60HH: 2-5/8″, 1oz, #4 treble hook, #5/0 tail hook

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