Anglers Pal 800 Rod Holders

Anglers Pal 800 Rod Holders


Angler’s Pal 800 Rod Holders



Anglers Pal 800 Rod Holders

MarineTech designed as well as manufactured the Anglers Pal 800 Rod Holders. Also, MarineTech is one of America’s leading producers of state-of-the-art automated machine components.

  • For optimum fishing performance, Angler’s Pal gives you a 360 degree full hemisphere of possible positions.
  • Remove the mounting base on all Angler’s Pal models from the unit easily with an “Allen Wrench” for storage. The permanent mount as well as clamp mount are interchangeable.
  • Angler’s Pal Rod Holders are precision made out of rust-resistant stainless steel/aluminum for fresh and saltwater fishing.
  • and additionally, the rod holder features 10″ depth for larger fishing rods.

Model 800

    • Model 800
    • Stainless steel/aluminum.
    • Permanent mount.
    • 10″ deep socket, 1 3/4″ diameter.
    • Mount permanently to dock or boat. Screws included.

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