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Berkley Finisher *Pre-Order


Berkley Finisher

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Berkley Finisher

The Finisher hits on all the fast dropping, hard gliding and fish provoking actions of glide baits plus ups the anti to give the angler the control to react to the fish, test its mood and produce a strike with a finishing move! Built to excel in casting or vertical presentations. Comes with two Fusion 19 treble hooks


FFS Optimized when used with forward facing sonar giving the angler the controls to put the bait where, when and how they want it to generate strikes

Arc-shaped body, paired with flattened belly, allows anglers full control in the water column, allowing the bait to “hang” in position while being worked

Unique meandering swim action on the fall, paired with body quiver/shimmy

BHBFIN7: 1/2oz, 2.75″ , Hook Size 7

BHBFIN9: 3/4oz, 3.5″, Hook Size 7


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