Chamberlain Downrigger Release #107

Chamberlain Downrigger Release #107


Chamberlin Downrigger Release #107

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Chamberlain Downrigger Release #107

First, the vertical adjustment (rod side) on the Chamberlain Downrigger Release #107 is unique in that it allows the fisherman to put extra downward pressure (loading the rod) against the release while fishing. It is a critical moment when the fish trips the release. The slack between the rod and the fish is removed more quickly. This gives the fisherman an almost instant hookup.

Second, the horizontal adjustment (fish side) is very sensitive. It only needs a small adjustment each time to achieve a precise setting. Fisherman should start out on a light setting. Then adjust the release until the exact setting is reached for that particular lure. The Chamberlain release is so sensitive that when properly adjusted, it take only ounces of extra drag (caused by small fish, debris or even a strike) to release the line.

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