Clam Hyfax Runners/Fish Trap X Runners

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Clam Hyfax Runners/Fish Trap X Runners


Clam Fish Trap/Fish Trap X Runners



Fish Trap Runner Kits are designed to increase the life of your sled by protecting the bottom from the rigors of pulling sled across ice.
Suggested for anyone pulling a Fish Trap across the ice with an ATV or snowmobile.
Easy to install
Super X made of high quality material and ultra durable for toughest terrain.

8995: Fits Scout/Pro/Trapper/Nanook/Guide/Blazer

8996: Fits Yukon/Voyager X Thermal – 2 hyfax

8997: Fits Kenai Pro/Scout XL/Legend XL/Warrior

8247: Fits X2/X4

9934: Fits: Super X Series for X2/X4

10390: Fits Yukon X/Voyager X – 4 hyfax

10128 Fits X200/X400

14468 Fits X300