Dreamweaver Cut Bait Rigs

Dreamweaver Cut Bait Rigs


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Dreamweaver Cut Bait Rigs

The Dreamweaver Cut Bait Rigs are made with quality materials and proper spacing to insure the best action possible. Made with Dreamweaver tournament meat heads and dressed up with three mini flies to mimic the flash of bait fish. Easy to use right out of the package, simply load the meat head with the bait of your choice and connect it to the spin doctor or flasher you want.

  • Come in many different colors.
  • The length is pre-set, do not change this.
  • Speed varies from 1.7 to 3.5 knots.

If the fish aren’t hitting on spoons or flies, consider looking to some good old fashioned cut bait. These these meat work with smelt, herring, or any other type of cut bait. The key is getting a slow roll to the bait, usually by fishing near the bottom at a slow speed. Consider trying lighter colors in the early summer, but never be afraid to experiment and give the darker colors a shot too.

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