Dubro Trac-A-Rod Holder

Dubro Trac-A-Rod Holder


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Dubro Trac-A-Rod Holder

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Black plastic clips slide in aluminum channels secured by allen head screw, for overhead or side mounting storage, holds 6 rods.


  • 2 Foot Model holds 6 rods/reels
  • 4 Foot Model holds 12 rods/reels
  • Fully adjustable
  • Reels stay on fishing rods, no need to take them off
  • Works with fishing rods with handles up to 1-3/4″ in dia.
  • Tip holder allows for 0.435″ wide tip
  • Completely rust resistant (great for salt water areas)
  • Secure rod tip holders (J-Hooks)
  • Mounts horizontal or vertical, on the ceiling or wall
  • More screw holes than Trac-A-Rod Plus giving most secure hold on boats in rough seas or in vehicle
  • Perfect for inside boats, pickup trucks, vans and RV’s
  • Multiple lengths/versions available
  • Trac is anodized aluminum and comes with with white or black rod holders.