Lakemaster VX Premium Dakotas/Nebraska Chip

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Lakemaster VX Premium Dakotas/Nebraska Chip


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Lakemaster VX Premium Dakotas/Nebraska Chip

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Lakemaster VX Premium Dakotas/Nebraska Chip

The Humminbird Lakemaster VX Premium Digital Charts deliver unrivaled detail, accuracy, and innovative one-of-a-kind features you need to eliminate unproductive water and find the best fishing spots faster.


-2D Shaded Relief: make bottom detail and depth changes easy to spot so you can quickly identify fish holding areas.

-Aerial Imagery: Navigate more confidently and find new fishing spots with the help of aerial imagery.

-VX Technology: Provides exceptional map performance and customizable color palettes.

-SmartStrike: Highlights areas of the lake map where fish are most likely biting. *Select HD Lakes Only

-Chart Presets: Simple and easy to change between your own custom view settings.

-Depth Highlight: Highlight a selected depth range so you can target productive water and stay where the fish are.

-Shallow Water Highlight: Easy-to-see red shading highlights shallow water areas on an adjustable range from 0 to 60 feet.

-Water Level Offset: Synchronize the depth contours and shorelines of your LakeMaster charts with the actual water levels of lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

-One-Boat Network: Connect your Humminbird LakeMaster chart and Minn Kota trolling motor, allowing your boat to automatically follow a depth contour line.

-Compatible with Humminbird HELIX G3/G3N and newer, all SOLIX units and all APEX units.

-1-Year Cartography Warranty. Opened Packages are not eligible for return.

*See lake coverage list for HD mapping

Lake Coverage:

Dakotas Nebraska V1
Great Lakes V1
Great Plains V1
Manitoba V1
Mid Atlantic V1
Midsouth States V1
Minnesota V1
Northeast States V1
Ontario V1
Quebec V1
Southeast States V1
Western States V1
Wisconsin V1

  • Jamestown Reservoir, ND
  • Belle Fourche Reservoir, SD
  • Angostura Reservoir, SD
  • Lewis and Clark Lake, SD & NE

Additional fishing waters include:

  • Devils Lake, ND (1455 ft. elevation)
  • Sakakawea, ND (1850 ft. elevation)
  • Francis Case, SD (1355 ft. elevation)
  • Oahe, SD (1620 ft. elevation)
  • Sharpe, SD (1421 ft. elevation)
  • Waubay, SD

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