Marcum LX-9L Sonar and Camera System

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Marcum LX-9L Sonar and Camera System


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Marcum LX-9 Sonar and Camera System

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Underwater Camera/Sonar with DVR combo comes complete with:
Lithium Brute Battery Kit
Deluxe padded soft-pack
Dual beam 8°, 20° ducer
Snow shield
Remote camera panner
8″ Color LCD
Color or Black/White Switchable
1/3″ Sensor with a .01 Lux
Dark Water LED Lighting
75 ft. Camera Cable
300′ Dynamic Depth Capability,
(800 x 600 pix) with a video output display
4,800 watts peak to peak
Four color palette options
Down to 1/2″ Target Separation
Sonar Features
Infinitely adjustable zoom and bottom lock zoom
12-level interface rejection