Marcum LX-i Handheld

Marcum LX-i Handheld


Marcum LX-i Handheld – Performance Pac Depthfinder

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Marcum LX-i Handheld – Performance PacDepthfinder

The ultimate portable sonar, Marcum LX-i Handheld is the most powerful and effective handheld sonar ever designed. The LX-i is the size of a flashlight, allowing for easy, one-handed depth and fish finding on ice. No fumbling with separate transducers— just press the face of the LX-i against wet ice, and digital depth immediately appears on the large LCD display. Suitable for open water use as well, the 2,500 watts of power easily shoots right through the floor of most boats. Perfect for fly-in trips, kayaks, canoes, rowboats, and inflatables. Powered by a 6-volt battery (included), LX-i comes nicely protected inside a padded carrying case.


  • Display – LCD
  • Power – 2500 watt Peak to Peak, output power
  • Cone Angle – 12 degree ice transducer
  • Additional Features
    • Depth Range – Down to 299 Feet, Low Battery, and also Fish Indicator

In the Box:

  • Battery – 6- Volt Lithium
  • Storage – Deluxe Padded Soft Pack
  • Warranty – One Year System Warranty

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