Marcum M1 Flasher

Marcum M1 Flasher

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Marcum M1 Flasher System

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Marcum M1 Flasher System

Although the M1 is Marcum’s entry-level flasher, it exhibits features normally reserved for top-of-the-line sonar systems. Features like bottom zoom, a split screen zoom with bottom lock that reveals walleyes and other species from more traditional sonar’s grasp. So many of the same characteristics that make any Marcum flasher a best-in-class leader, are also found in the M1. Patented Max Brightness and Clarity (MBC) targets are crisply shown on a quiet, brushless lighting display. 1,000 watts of balanced power is translated into 2-inch target separation that sets itself apart, especially among other entry-level flashers on the market. Anglers get the same patented interference rejection system available on all Marcum flashers, additionally making the M1 just as usable with other MarCums as it is with all other sonar.

The M1 also features an ultra-wide 20-degree transducer cone angle, allowing discovery of disinterested fish far from the edge of the hole that can be enticed into action. Like all MarCums, the M1 has protection by the best soft pack in the business, offering protection while out fishing and getting there. Add to M1 the same 2-year system warranty that is offered in big brothers M3 and M5, and you’ve got a lasting choice in both value AND performance. Don’t settle for less sonar for less money. Instead, get the features you need at a price you want.


  • Display – TrueColor patented MBC Brushless Lighting
  • Power – 1000 Watt Peak to Peak Output Power
  • Cone Angle – 20 Degree Ice Transducer
  • Target Separation – Down to 2-Inch
  • Interference Rejection – Patented 12-Step
  • Zoom – Split Screen 5′ Bottom Lock
  • Cable – 8 ft. Transducer Cable
  • Additionally Features – Selectable Depth Ranges –
    20′, 40′, 80′, 160′

In the Box:

  • Battery – Rechargeable 12-volt  7-amp SLA Battery
  • Charger – 3-stage Automatic Battery Charger
  • Storage – Deluxe Padded Red Soft Pack
  • Warranty – Two Year System Warranty

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