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Moeller Portable Fuel Tanks


Moeller Portable Fuel Tanks



Moeller Portable Fuel Tanks

Engineered right for the recreational boating market. Moeller portable tanks are designed as well as manufactured to deliver uncompromising quality and value. Additionally, our Moeller Portable Fuel Tanks are EPA-compliant and meet all ABYC/NMMA/EPA/CARB requirements.

Moeller 6 Gallon All-In-1 Fuel Tank Combo Package


The Moeller All-In-1 Fuel Tank Package contains an EPA/CARB approved 6 gallon fuel tank. The 2 pronged barb engine fitting is applicable to 1998 & Up Mercury, All Johnson/Evinrude, and most Yamaha O/B engines.

Kit Includes:

  • 6 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 1 – Universal Fuel Line
  • 1 – Quick Disconnect to Fuel Connector
  • 3 – Fuel Line Connectors (Johnson/Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha)
  • Tank Connector with Sealant
  • Hose Clamp

Product MPN:053701-10

Product UPC:739729017890

3 Gallon Ultra3 Portable Fuel Tank

Engineered right for the recreational boating market. Designed and manufactured to deliver uncompromising quality, as well as value. Our EPA-compliant tanks also meet all ABYC/NMMA/EPA/CARB requirements.

  • Moeller’s line of EPA/CARB compliant portable fuel tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene coupled with ultraviolet inhibitors. Furthermore, advanced manufacturing techniques provide the highest quality product components available. They also meet the new “low permeation” standards put in place by the EPA/CARB regulations effective 1/1/2011. Additionally, all our portable tanks 12 gallon and under meet current United States Coast Guard, and ABYC Standards.
  • 2 stage self-venting cap that meets EPA and CARB Permeation Requirements.
  • Designed for easy and stable storage, as well as tight places.
  • Designed right into the tank a partitioned bottom for a reserve fuel area. When the gauge registers empty, simply tilt the tank and the reserve fuel supply becomes available.
  • Also, Ultra3 Gallon tanks are equipped with our 90ø fuel withdrawal assembly, reducing fuel line kinks by rotating 360ø.


  • 19.00″L x 16.50″W x 11.00″H or 482.60mmL x 419.10mmW x 279.40mmH

*The 3 gallon fuel tank includes only they fuel tank, NOT the kit.

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