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Otter Sled Hyfax Slides

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Otter Hyfax Runners

Give extra life to your Otter Shelter! Our Otter Hyfax Runners are rugged, and dependable! They are the ideal choice for the high-miler who needs extreme durability for those long hauls! 5/8″ thick, high-density plastic runners bolt into the molded-in pockets on the bottom of your Otter Shelter Shelter or Sled.


  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Protect the bottom of your Otter Shelter
  • Adds extreme durability for long hauls
  • 5/8″ thick, high density plastic runners
  • Bolts into sleds Roto-Molded pockets


  • 201090: XT Hideout
  • 200048: Pro Small Ultra-Wide | Pro Cottage
  • 200049: XT Small Ultra-Wide | XT Cottage
  • 200042: Pro  Small
  • 200043: Pro Medium Sled | Pro & Xt Cabin
  • 200045: Pro Magnum Sled | Pro & XT Lodge
  • 200047: Pro Large Sled | Pro & XT Resort

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