Outkast Cage Feider Jig

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Outkast Cage Feider Jig


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Outkast Cage Feider Jig

The Outkast Cage Feider Jig has a compliment the renowned Stealth Feider jig to be the only 2 jigs you may ever need on your front deck! With Seth’s blessing we took the same head design from the Stealth Feider, gave it a horizontal line tie and also a stiffer weed guard, to create the 4 wheel drive version we all wanted. While the Stealth Feider jig will still excel in fishing grass and sparse cover, the Cage Feider jig can now handle the reeds, pads and wood while still giving you compact profile. The horizontal line tie keeps the jig head from rolling over into the structure while the heavier weed fiber compliments as the insurance policy to pull through whatever else gets in the way! This jig will change how you fish and even make you look a little better doing it!

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