StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger

StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger


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StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger

The simpler the tool the subtler the differences from one brand to the next. But in hand augers, oh-how measurable those differences are. The StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger converts RPMs into inches-drilled faster than the competition, every last one of them. We want you to save your back and breath. A powder coated drill reduces ice build-up while authentic Lazer Blades tunnel toward the fish. Soft rubber grips perch atop a handle that adjusts from 48 to 57 inches, accomodating various ice thicknesses and angler heights.

The snickering stops when someone brandishes a Lazer. A hand-auger, yes, but one with ninja skills and blades like Japanese throwing stars. In the right hands, the Lazer cuts to the quick, outpacing off-brand, bottom feeding hand-augers, even cheap gas-augers.


  • Cushioned, Ergonomically Designed Handles
  • Soft Rubber Grips
  • Adjustable Handle: Adjusts from 48″ – 57″
  • Breaks Down into Two Pieces for Transport and Storage
  • Chrome-Alloy Stainless Steel Lazer Blades
  • Powder Coated Paint to Reduce Ice Build-up


  • (LD-5) 6.0 lb, 5″ Lazer Auger
  • (LD-6) 6.5 lb, 6″ Lazer Auger
  • (LD-7) 7.5 lb, 7″ Lazer Auger
  • (LD-8) 8.5 lb, 8″ Lazer Auger


  • wing-bolt
  • blades
  • blade cover.

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