Traxstech Dovetail Body Only (RRH-400)

Traxstech Dovetail Body Only (RRH-400)


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Traxstech Dovetail Body Only

The Traxstech Dovetail Body Only keep the rod handle waist high when laid flat out to the side trolling divers, fish disks or flatlining. They also keep the butt of the rod closer (out of the way) to your gunwale if pointing the rod tips toward the sky while using with planer boards.

Part # RRH-400 – Dovetail Body Only

The 5-inch height of this unit allows for the rod tips to be right next to the boat (in the water) while musky fishing.

The oval base provides 45 degrees of side-to-side rotation.

All aluminum heavy duty construction; back side of the block also has pattern drilled and tapped to accommodate Scotty® & Folbe® deck-mount type bases.

The mounting track is sold separately.

Proudly made in the USA!

Has our signature textured finish:

  • Adds durability to the aluminum components, hardens your wear surface, no bright reflection, easy to clean.
  • Every aluminum part is anodized after our texturing process to provide the highest quality available.
  • Salt spray tested and proven.
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