Vexilar FLX-28 Pro Pack

Vexilar FLX-28 Pro Pack


Vexilar FLX-28 Pro Pack w/ ProView Ducer

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Vexilar FLX-28 Pro Pack

The Vexilar FLX-28 Pro Pack is available in 3 color palettes. It features a streamlined flat surface flasher display with digital depth and auto ranging technology. This Pack also features two zoom zones, max depth 300′, 20 interference rejection settings, unique weed mode for better performance fishing in weeds, battery voltage display and alerts, 1/4″ target ID, Pro View transducer, soft pack case, tackle box, rod holder and V-410 charger included.


  • Weather-proof
  • Super-bright
  • 5 color LED
  • 1000 watts of PtP Power
  • target resolution to 1/4″, 6′, and 12′ zoom
  • max depth 300′
  • night mode
  • 20 interface rejection setting

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