Roemer Downrigger Release XL7

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Roemer Downrigger Release XL7


Roemer Downrigger Release XL7

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Roemer Downrigger Release XL7

The Roemer Downrigger Release XL7 meets the many demanding functions of successful fishing with downriggers as well as outriggers. Additionally, the Roemer Release has earned a reputation for its simplicity, dependability, as well as stacking ability. Today, the Roemer Release has been widely accepted from coast to coast and also internationally!


  • Does not damage or twist line
  • Allows lure to troll any distance from release with easy distance change capabilities
  • Has simple attachment anywhere on the downrigger cable
  • Handles various test weights of fishing lines
  • Adjustable tension settings for different lure combinations such as Dodger, Flasher, and also plug combinations used in Salmon and Trout fishing
  • Endures adverse conditions such as salt water, large lures, as well as faster trolling speeds
  • Adjustable even for small flutter spoons
  • Release the lure from boat any time you want to! For example, when fighting a large fish you would like all the lures up and out of the way
  • Stacks automatically when trolling weight is retrieve
  • Any number of Roemer Releases can be used on a single cable!

Roemer Release XL7 Downrigger Stacker

How to rig a Roemer XL7 Release

Posted by Roemer Release on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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